Thursday, May 24, 2012


I met Kaye at a friends party a few hundred km away and many months ago, we barely got past "Hi' but she 'friended' me on Facebook straight away even though we'd barely talked. I've had a few vague messages from her so when I saw a message on FB that was from her I expected the same sort of thing. 'Why don’t you come for the weekend to fuck me' I was stunned but thought maybe she'd sent it to the wrong person or was drunk at the time so I sent a small message back saying something trivial like it was hot idea... and I checked with my friend who said this girl was definitely straight. A week later she sent me another message with pretty much the same point...Hmm! I decided to follow the trail and see where it took me. Two weeks later saw me turning up at her house in the city. Since Kaye was new to this I had already decided to take a dominant role, so when she opened the door to me I took her hand, pulled her close and lightly kissed her full on the lips. She froze! What I did next was going to make or break this weekend so instead of pulling away I nuzzled her neck and whispered how nice her perfume was. (it was) I felt her beginning to soften so kept nibbling her neck for a few moments more before sliding my hands up and over her body to hold her face, I kissed her soft lips again. This time she began to respond by beginning to shake a little and I noticed an increase in her breathing and a searching hunger in her kiss. I cupped her breasts and finding her nipples I squeezed them gently before running a hand down over her belly and ever so gently between her legs. I didn't grab at her pussy but hardly touching her I continued to run my hand down one leg and back up the other. After a few more minutes of this I asked where her room was, took her hand and led her in the direction she indicated. Once in the semi darkness of the bedroom we kissed again and I slipped my top off and dropped my skirt to the floor. I unclipped and dropped my bra onto the pile of clothes then added my panties before embracing her close, the feel of my skin against her made her gasp for breath and I could feel her whole body shaking as she allowed her hand to drop and trace the outline of my bum. After some minutes of hot kissing I started to slowly strip her clothing away until I could hold her warm body to my skin. Again I noticed her tensing up as it came to the point of actually making love to another woman so I made the excuse that I needed a shower before we went further. Actually, I really do like to shower before fucking, male or female makes no difference, it's always better when you can run your fingers and tongue over clean damp skin. (or is that just me?)
We retired to the bathroom and I ran my fingernails over her back as she set the water flow, I stepped into the water and took her hand to lead her to me. She allowed me to pull her close as I began soaping her body, smoothing the foam over her glowing skin and whispering to her that she was very sexy. I soaped her back then handed her the soap and turned around, she understood well enough and it felt great to have her trembling hands exploring me as she soaped me over. I turned her around, took the soap and began by soaping her neck, shoulders and breasts, she has bigger breasts than my C's (just) but at only 33 they are still pretty. Her nipples stood hard as my fingers smoothed the soap over them, I worked downward hardly touching the soft curls above her nest to soap her long legs. I knelt to soap her lower legs and deliberately let my breath blow gently on her slit, I heard she sigh quietly. I stood and slipped the soap into her hand, she knew just what to do and soaped me just as I had done with her. The soaping done I decided to push her a little, I lifted her outer leg and placed her foot on the edge of the bath, taking the soap I rolled it around in my hand then slid the warm soapy hand gently but directly between her legs, down along her pussy and drew my fingers forward slipping between her lips as I did. With her clit now between my fingers I pushed the hand back again and pinching my fingers together to draw her clit forward toward me, she nearly feel over as she shook, gasped and clutched at my head. She was so turned on and I badly wanted to have my mouth on her pussy, but I stopped there and we rinsed off and toweled each other down. Trembling, she took my hand and led me back to her room, she was nearly dragging me she was so ready for it, this felt good and I was thinking we were really going to make love now. She let me lay her back on the bed and as I ran my hands over her body she slowly complied by opening her legs for me to explore her, kissing and running my lips over her soft damp skin I worked my way from neck to breast to belly, ever downward until I could smell the odor of her pussy just inches from my mouth. I nibbled the soft down on her pussy lips until I was at her entrance then could resist no longer, plunging my tongue gently into her pussy I pushed deep and took a long slow lick right to her clit. Her ample lubrication was saying she was really into this and her squirming and moaning was really doing it for me. She came as I ate her, clutching my head so hard I struggled to breath, she came as I fingered her, starting with two fingers pumping slowly as I licked her and sucked strongly at her clit; she came again later as my finger circled her G-spot and it was heaven. I was pretty sure it was going to end about there since it was her first time with another woman…but I was wrong. She finger fucked me to a lather then proceeded to give me some of the best face I've had. She explored my every crease with her tongue, holding me open with her fingers and studying my pussy before pushing her tongue into every corner. She found my wet hole and slid her tongue slowly into me, tasting me; deciding she liked what she found she tongue fucked me until I came.
We played all weekend and both ended up tired and with sore pussies. I don’t know where this ends as all this was only a few weeks ago, we continue to 'Facebook' and we send personal messages and reminders of that weekend together but just now I don’t know if that’s going to happen again or not. I'll let you know… .

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The first time

We’d met a year earlier when I was just 17, he was the 20 year old cousin of my old school friend Helen, who’d introduced us.
He was everything 17 year old girls like, he was pleasant looking, he worked, owned two motor bikes and a very nice panel van; the kind with the carpet and padded walls, stripes down the side and a hot motor. My mother hated him!
We hung around together for that year but I never even considered that he was ‘into’ me. Most nights found us driving around town with friends and meeting at the beach or car parks along the way.
After a year or so he moved out of the boarding house where he was staying and into his own ground floor unit.
Overnight things were different… we had somewhere to hang out that wasn’t public, he began paying me much more attention and within a few months I’d given up my virginity to him.
Still quite inexperienced I took a firm interest in his cock, I loved to stroke it and feel it twitch in my hand. I enjoyed the feel of his hot spunk as he pulled out and came on my belly and like most girls do, I touched his fresh cum and licked it from my fingers when he wasn’t looking, just to taste it…it was nice!
Only about three months after I’d given him the gift of my virginity we were watching TV in his unit one evening. Jim sitting at one end of the couch and me lying along the couch with my head on his leg, I don’t remember what was on but it wasn’t interesting me as much as the bulge growing in his pants. Of course I did my best to make it worse for him by wriggling about to rub my head on his erection.
Id had enough of this play, I wanted to feel it twitch in my hand, I wanted it between my legs and the thought was making my clit ache.
I nervously slid his zipper down and he arched his back to make it easier for me, reaching into his jeans I took hold of his thick cock to pull it free. It sprung out nearly hitting me in the face…I giggled.
I didn’t really know what to do to get from here to having it pumping into my belly so I leaned forward to kiss it, he moaned and this gave me confidence that I was on the right track.
Starting at the base I kissed along its length enjoying the smell and taste of the first cock I’d ever been this close to. His hand rested on my head to encourage me, but I needed no encouragement, my clit ached and I could feel the juices trickling between my legs. I kissed my way up and down the throbbing shaft as it grew harder, thicker and hotter.
Before long his cock was slick with my spit and slid back and forth easily along my lips as I mouthed the side of his twitching cock, his hips moved in unison with my bobbing head so I mouthed his shaft from base to tip and back again.
Jims hands stroked my cheeks and hair, squeezed my boobs and rubbed my ass through my jeans… I wished I’d worn a skirt.
He had one hand on my face stroking my cheek and the other moved forward to lean his cock back against my lips, as I stroked upward toward the head of his cock his finger pressed on the tip and suddenly it popped into my mouth…
I was shocked and stopped momentarily, I was sucking cock … for the first time I actually had a cock in my mouth.
It was hot and pulsing, but it was nice too, and his reaction was positive to say the least.
He didn’t force me but just pulled it back a little and moved forward to invade my mouth even more. He was fucking my mouth! ..and I liked it.
He began pumping my mouth, gently and without trying to shove it all into me.
I liked the silky feel of the head, I liked the wrinkly foreskin and liked the way the cock moved within the foreskin. I liked the way it drove Jim crazy and I liked him stroking my face lovingly as I sucked his dick.
I didn’t suck him long before I tasted the now familiar taste of pre-come and his breathing told me that he was getting close.
I didn’t know what to do, was he going to come in my mouth? What would that be like and did I really want him to? Should I take my face away and if I did would he come on my face?
He was moaning loudly now.
“I’m cumming!, don’t stop…don’t stop…don’t Aggh!”
..and he spurted into my mouth.
It was hot, it was sticky and I swallowed hard before the second spurt filled my mouth with his cream. Again and again his cock twitched and spasmed, again and again his cum spurted into my mouth and again and again I swallowed it all.
At last he was still and panting, I continued sucking for a while after he was finished until his movement told me of his discomfort at the strong sensations.
I lifted my face away from his cock wiping my mouth as I did, his hand guided my face to his and we kissed.
I was a cock sucker… I’d sucked his cock and swallowed his cum and nothing would be the same again.
We got up and he led me to the bedroom and did to me what I’d just done to him, then fucked me hard with renewed vigor.
I liked it, and I like it still.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sex with Greg.. and mum!

Going back a long time, back to when I still lived at home with mum and dad and my slightly older brother. My first boyfriend was a mate of my brothers, and a long time family friend. That didn’t stop mum disapproving a great deal, but I suspect it was more to do with her little girl growing up that anything else.
Mum also disapproved of sex.. it was dirty and girls who’d had it were sluts. It was drilled into me from an early age, men only wanted one thing.. and were prepared to tell you anything to get it. Poor mum never quite realised that some of us quite like it to.
My boyfriend and I had practised the usual sexual exploring, just like most teens do and were having sex a few times a month. You can read about some of that in my older stories. (The Real Me)
I have to admit that because of my mothers poisonous hounding I was never very adventurous sexually and it took me quite some time to relax enough to even orgasm when we fucked.
We had been together for nearly two years when something happened that changed me forever.. We had been out riding on my BF’s motorbike, a powerful dirt bike like many of our friends rode.
The vibration of the screaming motor nearly always made me horny, sitting behind him with my legs open pushed my pussy hard against the seat and the vibration sent a wonderful tingle through me. He came to realised this and would deliberately push the revs higher between gear changes or hold the clutch to rev the motor hard until I clamped him hard with my legs..
When we got back to my house the whole family was in the house, and since it was late afternoon my mum wouldn’t let me go out again. We got a much needed drink and went to my room, something else my mother did not like.
My jeans were cutting me in two so I changed into a skirt and we lay on the bed to talk about the day. My mum always listened to make sure we were still talking.. and if the talking stopped, she would walk in within a minute or two.
As teens do.. we found a way around this.
I stroked his cock in his shorts as he slowly fingered me, and we talked about our mates so mum could still hear us talking. We had done this many times and I sometimes orgasmed with my mouth muffled against his neck as he raved loudly to cover the tiny sounds I made.
This time he slipped his cock out and moved to rub it hard along my pussy lips from behind, I knew full well what he intended. I wanted his cock in me but was shit scared of mum walking in and catching us. I resited but was loving the idea more and more, his cock was red hot between my legs and I was already very wet from our play. His hot cock rubbed again and again along my pussy as I felt myself opening for him.
We talked on..
I looked back at his face as he said something I was not listening to and our eyes met. A shiver ran through me and I knew I was going to let him fuck me.. here and now! He felt it to, because his hand went to his shaft and he held it tight against me for that one last rub. Deliciously once more between my pussy lips, up and across my inflamed clit, then back. I felt the rim around his circumcised cock bump over my clit then the smooth head of his cock slide wetly past. Downward and into my hot wet cunt it went.
We stopped talking, then talked over each other as we tried to cover each others gasping moments as that cock slid into me. We fucked slowly, squirming against each other as you do to increase the sensation when every nerve ending is pulsing with passion.. all the while babbling on about nothing.

I hadn’t even realised we had stopped talking.
I didn’t even know how long ago it happened, but we were brought back to earth by mum’s loud stomping footsteps coming toward my bedroom door with just seconds until she burst in.
He pulled my rumpled skirt down to cover his bare ass and flicked a bed cover over us to the waist, I was in shock.. he was still inside me!
Just as mum walked in he assumed sleep.

I was in genuine shock and must have come across as waking up with a start, she saw Greg ‘sleeping’ and lowered her voice as she asked me what was going on, then answered it by saying I should wake him up and send him home to his own bed.
He squirmed and his cock sent delicious sensations through me, I had closed my legs and trapped his wet cock between my legs and in my pussy. It was the first time I’d done that, and every woman knows how nice that can feel when you're very wet.

What was it mum was saying? Something about keys.. no! Peas.. dinner, yeah that was it.. dinner time. I SO wanted to tell her to go away so we could really fuck!
His tiny squirming movements were rubbing me just right.. As he slightly fucked me his cock rubbed back and forth across my butt hole, and he slid around wetly inside me. Mum talked on, I looked up at her face, trying to concentrate on what she was saying. I was getting a mild lecture about us being alone in the room as that cock slowly massaged me in the best possible way, I wanted.. I needed to push back against him, to make that cock slam and squelch into me.
The lecture over, mum abruptly turned and left the room pulling the door nearly closed behind her. It was expected that he would be ‘awake’ and out of the house within a few minutes.. or mum would be back.
His hands came forward and took my hips, then his hips came forward and his cock slid all the way into me in one fluid movement..

A hand went to my closeted breast and he pinched my nipple quite hard, I turned my head and he kissed me strongly. Covering my mouth to muffle me, then slamming his cock unmercifully into me again and again. Ten or fifteen young, fit, hard thrusts deep into my belly, then he withdrew and started putting his cock away. We panted deeply into each others mouths as we looked straight into each others eyes.. Mum called that dinner was going on the table..

Here’s the thing.. Ever since that day I’ve loved public sex!
Sex with risk.. sex with danger.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yes, bloody thirty one years old! A time to drown my sorrows for sure, and a time to reflect on where my life is headed!
Here’s the plot:
Not married, no plans to marry, no children.
A succession of lovers both male and female, and frankly I have no intention of giving up either.
I’m not even very fond of children, my nephews and nieces bother the hell out of me.. and those nappy changes!!!! (seriously guys, how DO you stand that?)
I don’t know one man I’d actually WANT to settle down with, let alone have his screaming brat.

See! Now I’m talking myself out of it , aren’t I? (this is the reflecting bit)

My female friends have just about ALL had kids.. nasty, slimy, smelly kids that touch my stuff and leave handprints bloody everyfuckenwhere!! (sorry, I had to get that out of my system)

All better now!

Where was I? Oh..yes..Kids!
Look! I just don’t want stretch marks, a lazy guy on the couch drinking beers and kids running amuck.. and that whole ‘childbirth’ thing. Thanks, but no thanks! (more reflecting)

But here’s the thing, my god mother, my sisters, my aunts, my grandmother (you can see where I’m going with this cant you?) and all those happy and not so happy friends with herds of swarming ankle biters are all telling me how ‘time is running out’.

Should I care? Because I sure as hell don’t. (yet more reflecting)

Hell, I’ve got a good job with good pay, a kickin car and I live in a nice flat (apartment to the rest of you) within jogging distance of the beach. I’ve got a few very talented lovers and occasionally chance upon a new one.
Frankly, I’m bragging….er happy! (sorry)

From the strictly ‘breeding’ point of view, my sisters and brother have all bred, so our family line seems to be secured well into the future.. a little too well I think! There’s about 17 or more brats in our generation already .. and the breeders have shown no sign of slowing up………

Where was I again….(let me read back a bit) (yeah, you guessed it. more reflecting)
Just ‘hum’ or talk among yourselves for a minute……

Oh yeah!

Happy birthday to me! Yippie!!!